Starting up

I started this blog as I was about to embark on the Makers Academy course in September 2013. I had recently graduated from university and had diverted from a career in banking. I was doing something totally unexpected but which had risen out of a desire to eventually work for myself.

Back then I wrote ‘hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m starting up myself…’

Phase one of this plan has been put into motion.

I recently left my job at Pivotal Labs in order to start a venture with a fellow engineer, Theo. We’re calling ourselves Ignition Works and the (current) plan is to build fun and worthwhile products whilst interacting with the tech industry in a sustainable way. We think a lot of things are currently broken in the system and we’ve got some interesting approaches in mind with regards to things like hiring, community-building, and remuneration. We’re currently building a platform that moves the fitness DVD industry into the digital space and beyond that we’ve got some other ideas that we’re excited to work on. Theo and I will be writing more about what we’re up to later on.

I’m so thankful that my first job as an engineer was at Pivotal. I’ve learnt a vast amount about the right way to approach software and product development and I got the chance to work with amazingly smart people.

I’m very lucky that I still get to work with one of them every day.

I’m still working towards my sufficiently epic idea; Ignition Works gives me the vehicle to accelerate towards that.

Thank you to those of you that have been following this blog since the beginning. This will be the last post on here. Any future blogging will be done from my personal website or on the Ignition Works blog.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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